Sunday, November 22, 2009

Breaking The Golden Rule

*Kicks self*

I saw a painting at an thrift store saturday morning that I really liked.

It was by an amateur artist - a portrait of an old chinese man grinning. Black background, GREAT colours in his skin tone and hat. A beautiful dark, ornate frame. Very VERY
BRICKHOUSE, to be honest. And it would've looked AMAZING matched with the John Brack print I bought myself for a birthday present with its similar colours and hues. Just perfect.

But I can't afford money for art. My $1 handmade vase find and $2 Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits vinyl I could justify spending, but not the painting for the price they wanted. But my parents said if I went and got it today, they'd make it part of my Xmas present. Score! So at lunchtime I caught the tram back down to get it - and it was gone.

Audrey's golden rule of second hand shopping (or spying something awesome dumped on the side of the road) : when you see it, GET IT. because it'll be gone later.


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